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Crafting Tailored Assessments for Optimal Recruitment Success

At Folkscouts, we pride ourselves on a meticulous assessment approach tailored to your unique needs. Our comprehensive method encompasses various steps to ensure precision and relevance in candidate evaluation.

Step 1: In-Depth Work Analysis

Our I-O psychologists delve into your job roles, conducting thorough interviews with subject matter experts (SMEs), reviewing existing documentation, and performing comprehensive job and organizational analyses. Together, we define the competencies crucial to your roles and culture.

Step 2: Formulating a Measurement Plan

We compile duties, tasks, and responsibilities, organizing them into prioritized elements. These elements are then assessed by your hiring team based on their significance and immediate applicability on the job.

Step 3: Customized Assessment Development

Using a blend of tailored content components, our team swiftly constructs your personalized assessment. Our I-O psychologists map these components to specific hiring stages, leveraging our suite of assessment products for precise insights.

Step 4: Benchmarking Assessment Scores

We establish a scoring model that distinguishes potential successful candidates. This model is developed using questionnaire and focus group data, further enhanced by analyzing relationships between assessment scores and job performance.

Step 5: Validation and Reporting

We ensure the local validity of your solution through comprehensive studies, demonstrating its job relevance and predictiveness. Adverse impact analyses are performed to guarantee equal opportunities for all subgroups. All findings are presented in a detailed report for your records.

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