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At Folkscouts, we empower recruiters and job seekers to discover their perfect matches.

2K+ Hours Saved For Recruiters

Linked with Prominent Ventures and In-House Brands

Enhancing Talent Acquisition Efficacy

We offer a holistic recruitment framework, tailored processes, diverse candidate pools, branded strategies, swift hiring metrics, and post-placement support, all boosting talent acquisition for our clients.

Comprehensive Recruitment Solutions

Our comprehensive recruitment solutions ensure finding the best talent while significantly reducing costs, optimizing your hiring process.

Tailored Recruitment Process

Our process includes rigorous screening, assessments, and technical knowledge tests as we guarantee access to top-tier professionals suited precisely to your needs.

Extensive Candidate Pool

Access our extensive candidate pool, brimming with diverse and highly qualified professionals, ensuring the perfect fit for your organization's requirements.

Customized Employer Branding

Crafting compelling employer branding strategies to attract top-tier talent aligned with your company's ethos and values.

Efficient Time-to-Hire

Streamlining the recruitment process to reduce time-to-hire metrics, ensuring swift and effective placements without compromising quality.

Post-Placement Support

Providing ongoing support post-placement, ensuring a smooth transition for the hired candidate and continued assistance for employer-employee relations.

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The Four Pillars of Our Assessment-Based Recruitment

Our assessment-based recruitment method stands on four pillars. We engage in thorough discussions, leveraging diverse talent channels and comprehensive assessments to match candidate skills accurately with job roles. This ensures a tailored approach from selection to seamless integration into our company's culture and workflow.

  • Consult

    Engage in thorough discussions to understand candidate needs and company requirements, ensuring a tailored recruitment approach.

  • Access

    Gain access to a wide talent pool through diverse channels and platforms to source potential candidates effectively.

  • Assess

    Utilize comprehensive evaluation methods and assessments to gauge candidate skills, ensuring a precise match for the job role.

  • Select and Onboard

    Carefully select the most suitable candidates and provide seamless onboarding to integrate them smoothly into the company culture and workflow.

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At Folkscouts, our GOAL isn’t merely finding talent; it’s crafting the perfect fit for your team’s success. We meticulously match professionals to open roles, leveraging deep industry expertise and cutting-edge technology to ensure unparalleled matches.


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Priya Kapoor
Priya Kapoor

HR Manager at TechSolutions India

"FolkScouts has transformed our hiring process! Their platform connected us with top-notch talent, simplifying recruitment. The personalized approach and quality candidates exceeded our expectations"

Aarav Patel
Aarav Patel

Job Seeker

"FolkScouts played a pivotal role in my job search! Their intuitive platform and personalized assistance directed me towards fantastic opportunities. Thank you for helping me find the perfect fit for my career!"

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